The Rottweiler Welfare Association is a not-for-profit organisation started in 1979 to find good homes for Rottweilers. The Association is completely run by volunteers and has been a registered charity since 1981. We firmly believe that a dog deserves to get a second chance and find its forever home. 
The aims of the Association are to: 
Rescue abandoned and neglected Rottweilers and help those who are unwanted. 
Provide all necessary care, treatment and rehabilitation. 
Assess these dogs for adoptability and find suitable homes for them where possible. 
When applying to adopt a dog you your name will be added to a list if we don't currently have a dog to match with you. To the best of our ability we try to match each individual dog in our care with the most suitable owner.  
The length of time you wait depends on your requirements of a dog as well as the dog’s requirements of an owner. If you are flexible about the dog’s age, sex and distance you will travel, your wait may be less. We operate nationwide and have many years of experience in rehoming Rottweilers. We are not associated with any other Rottweiler rescue organisation, but will try to assist anyone that contacts us for help. If a dog needs to be removed from the home for whatever reason or comes to us as a stray we use a number of approved kennels throughout the country for this purpose. Our main kennels are just outside Stoke, but we also have dogs in Wales and use foster homes in various parts of the country. 
The dogs we rescue are given up for many reasons. 
Now an adult and no longer the cute puppy this dog is perceived as a nuisance and is simply abandoned. 
A dog is neglected due to the owner being unable to afford the veterinary fees or food for it to eat.  
Others need to be helped to find new homes due to the owner dying or being terminally ill, the loss of a job or home, a child developing an allergy, a couple having a baby, a family break up and those who are moving house and are unable or unwilling to take the dog with them. 
Then, of course, there are the cruelty cases: dogs beaten for no reason, shut up in a shed all day, left tied to a lamppost or simply thrown out of a car and abandoned.  
It is our policy wherever possible to ensure that these Rottweilers get a chance to start a new life and be loved. 
ALL and EVERY Rescue is under tremendous pressure. Our beloved breed is no exception. The number of Rottweilers needing our help since the pandemic is unprecedented, and we are unable to cope with the numbers. We will continue and ask for patience, experienced homes for the problem Rotties and hope this nightmare will end. Thank you for all your support from all the RWA Trustees. 
The people running these kennels are all experienced with Rottweilers and are RWA representatives. In some cases a dog would be fostered until a suitable home is found, as it might need to go into a home rather than into a kennel environment. All dogs that need a new home are assessed by us, so we can match the right dog to the right owner and vice versa. All prospective new homes are also checked.  
As part of our adoption policy RWA will always take our dog back irrespective of the reasons. 
The Charity has a neutering policy and some dogs depending on their circumstances will be neutered before being rehomed, as well as micro-chipped and vaccinated. Dogs that cannot be neutered before being rehomed, will still need to be neutered by the owner within 6 months. 

Adopting a Rottweiler 

Adopting a rescued animal is a hugely rewarding experience. Your new family member might not otherwise have had a second chance. We work hard to ensure the homes we place our Rottweilers in are just right for their unique needs to give them the very best chance of a forever home they can finally settle into. 
We can’t put a time limit on the adoption process, because each dog and new home is different. Be assured that if the dog you contact us about is no longer available, or is unsuited to your circumstances, we’ll do our utmost to match you to the right dog. 
We adhere to a set procedure for rehoming dogs. 
We do not rehome our dogs where there are children under 12 years of age. 
All new homes are checked. 
We work hard to keep this website as up to date as possible but cannot guarantee that it always accurately reflects all of the dogs in our care that need homes. Please contact us on 07946 083070 to discuss the possibility of adopting. 

Drop us a line 

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