Care For A Rottweiler 

The Share and Care Scheme is designed to help dogs who find themselves in Welfare with no prospect of a permanent home in the foreseeable future, perhaps because they are elderly, have a long term but not fatal illness or are just difficult to rehome. It is our hope that every dog that comes into Welfare will find a safe and permanent home, but by joining this Scheme and donating a fixed amount each month or quarter, funds will always be available for these dogs. Your contribution provides safe and permanent care throughout their stay with us however long it is. 
The dogs on this page are also all looking for a home. Being on this scheme does not mean that we stop looking for that right home, it just sometimes takes a bit longer. 
All Scheme supporters get an initial information sheet with a picture of their chosen dog updates in the Yearbook and Newsletter and you will also get postcards from your chosen dog when they need to tell you something.  
Please consider Sharing and Caring for a Rottweiler. Perhaps you have had one in the past and can’t have one now, or would like one but it’s just not sensible at present, then this can be your way to help a dog. If you would like to help and contribute please contact Lynne Williams on 07946 083070 for further details or Download the form below, complete and return to the address on the form or just complete the form below. 

Adopting a Rottweiler 

Adopting a rescued animal is a hugely rewarding experience. Your new family member might not otherwise have had a second chance. We work hard to ensure the homes we place our Rottweilers in are just right for their unique needs to give them the very best chance of a forever home that they can finally settle into. 
We can’t put a time limit on the adoption process, because each dog and new home is different. Be assured that if the dog you contact us about is no longer available, or is unsuited to your circumstances, we’ll do our utmost to match you to the right dog. 
All new homes are checked by a team of volunteers 
We adhere to a set procedure for rehoming dogs 
We do not home where there are children under 12 
We work hard to keep this website as up to date as possible but we cannot guarantee that it always accurately reflects all of the dogs in our care that need homes, please contact us on 07946 083070 to discuss the possibility of adopting 
Duke was born in 2019 and is now living at Sues. Leave him to his own devices and he's a very happy lad, running in the fields and having fun in the play barn. 
Frankie can be Mr Grumpy but is playful and happy go lucky, as long as he can have his own way. He loves his toys and absolutely loves his food, but he does suffer accordingly at times. He's a character and loves his life at Aunty Sues. 
Meet Barney who is super quick to learn new games and tricks He loves cwtches (he lives in South Wales with Sue and cwtches is cuddles) and walks but likes his own company. He is a home wrecker which is why he is now living at Sues, but they keep him entertained as much as he keeps them on their toes. He's super cute always looking for stuff to do - a very busy boy. 
Ruby came into our care at Sues in South Wales having lived in a bedsit where she wasnt looked after, and her owner was unable to feed her. She became aggresive towards the owner. She does have a side to her and keeps Sue and her staff on their toes, but is quiet happy with her life knowing she now has food and playtime. 
Hi everyone Odin here. I’m one big scaredy pants I do not like any form of change at all as it scares the pants off me, whether that be a different car in the car park or the change in weather. I'm living at Aunty Sues with a huge play barn full of toys and fields to play in. I am one special, perfect pooch with a few little quirks! Thank you for sponsoring me. Loads of love Odin 
Hello, my name is Walter and I have had a very bad time of it. I was taken to the Pound as I was found wandering the Streets. Rottweiler Welfare came and took me to their kennels in Wales, which are much much nicer than the Pound. I have fields and hills to play in. 
I really need to have some friends who want to help me carry on living my new and happier life with no pressure and a full belly. Would you like to Sponsor me and be my friend. all my love Walter. 
Meet Eden who lives at our Kennels in South Wales.  
Eden says ' I can be a naughty, bouncy girl and I love to bully and play rough with Buddy. I am so much happier in my own company and don't like any fussing'.  
Thank you for keeping me safe in kennels all my love Eden 
Brodie. He has mobility issues so at some point we would be looking for a long term foster home for him.  
He is nice natured and sometimes enjoys playing with another dog. 
Brodie says thank you xx 
My name is Simba, I’m a great big love sponge, I love people, perfect in everyway with people but just hate other dogs.  
I’m now living a lovely life at Aunty Sues in South Wales with my toys, hills and acres of fields to play in. Thank you for sponsoring me.  
Loads of love Simba xxx 
This is Teddy. His owner was dying of liver disease. The family were terrified to go in and feed him, the police were called under a seizure warrant to pts, the Vet refused and called us and he arrived! He has a few niggles around his neck area as he was grabbed by a grasper and it really hurt his neck and frightened him. He is much more trusting now and loves a runaround with his toys or anything else he can nick! Never heard him bark. 
Teddy sends his love 
Hello, my name is Sydney and I was born in 2016/2017.  
My life wasn't a very good life for a long time, but I am in South Wales now and my life is a lot better thank you.  
I am friendly and loving boy with people but do not get along with other dogs, and sometimes need my own space. I do love running around the fields and going on walks.  
It would mean such a lot if you could be my friend. 
Love from Syd. 
Riley has been at Aunty Sues for a number of years. He is the result of an absuive owner and totally traumatised. Now hes learnt to trust Sue and her wonderful staff he has learnt to trust again and living a happy life. 
Riley says hello xx 
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