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Bobby has come from a very difficult situation and has been trained to attack. He is softening now and doesn't want to kill you anymore. He's not really interested in toys, likes a walk but we have to keep his excitement levels low. He is manageable but not suitable for one of your homes, and happy in his own world at Aunty Sues. 
Brodie is approximately 3 years old. He has mobility issues so we would be looking for a long term foster home for him. He is nice natured and will play with another dog but would be best suited to live as an only pet. 
lots of love, brodie 
Hello I came to RWA from The Pound. I am quite a mature Rottie and my legs are very wobbly but I love playing about and “wobbling" around at Aunty Sue’s. Unfortunately, I am not keen on other dogs but I am very happy. Thank you for being my friend. 
lots of love, buzz 
Jaeger came to us a young girl who had lived in a home with two disabled people. When collected she was aggressive with food, toys and also with strangers. A lot or work was done with her by Jenni and Stuart initially to make her the girl she is now. She can now be walked and fed and her needs attended to by the people she trusts. Since she has moved she has settled down really well with Sheila and Andy who have never had any problems with her. She is very happy, healthy and enjoying her freedom. 
Frankie: Can be Mr Grumpy, playful, happy go lucky, as long as he can have his own way. He loves his toys & absolutely loves his food, but he does suffer accordingly at times. He's a character and loves his life at Aunty Sues. 
Lexi, is a little bit demon when it comes to food, but she's a little sweetheart. Her favourite thing is playing with balls and her most favourite thing of all is having a good old roll.She has a best friend called Zac, who she likes very much. 
She's knocking on a bit and needs food supplements and pain relief to get through the day. Lexi is still very puppy like in her behaviour and very happy at Auntie Sues 
My name is Zack and I came to RWA with Ruby who is no longer with us and I miss her very much. I am an older boy and need my security and love my new rabbit who I cuddle up to at night. I walk well on the lead and love to run in the fields. Please consider sponsoring me. Lots of love Zack 
I came from a very cruel background where I was abused mentally and physically. It has taken me a long time to learn to trust anybody. I will now accept fusses from hey auntie Sheila. I may possibly be able to go to a new home but the person would have to spend lots of time with me so I can get to know them and learn that they will not harm me. Please consider sponsoring me. 
lots of love, ronny. 
Diesel would love you to be his Care and Share Friend. He does some health issues but is looked after very well and is very happy with his friends at Aunty Sue’s. 
lots of love, diesel 
This is Teddy. His owner was dying of liver disease. The family were terrified to go in and feed him, the police were called under a seizure warrant to pts. Vet refused to pts and called us and he arrived! He has a few niggles around his neck area as he was grabbed by a grasper and it really hurt his neck and frightened him. He is much more trusting now and loves a runaround with his toys or anything else he can nick! He still needs someone who will do more work with him. Would happily live with a female. No children though. Never heard him bark. 
lots of love, teddy 
Hello my name is Zara and I am approximately 8 years old. I lived the first part of my life in a Puppy Farm which was not a very nice place. I did have a nice foster home for a while but, unfortunately, I did not get on with one of the other dogs so I came to live at RWA. I am very shy but if I like you I am a very loyal and loving girl. 
Lots of love, Zara 
Buddy was found in a house with his owner who had sadly passed away, they think he was there for about 10 days or so. He is very friendly, doesn’t like the lead (work in progress) He runs with 2 other males and a bitch. He is entire. He loves his toys and ropes and is very ticklish. 
Lots of love, Buddy 
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     Care For A Rottweiler 

The Share and Care Scheme is designed to help dogs who find themselves in Welfare with no prospect of a permanent home in the foreseeable future, because they are elderly or have long term but not fatal illness or are just difficult to rehome. It is our hope that every dog that comes into Welfare will find a safe and permanent home, but by joining this Scheme and donating a fixed amount each month or quarter, funds will always be available for these dogs. Your contribution provides safe and permanent care throughout their stay with us ‘however long it is’. 
The dogs on this page are also all looking for home. Being on this scheme does not mean that we stop looking for that right home, it just sometimes takes a bit longer. 
All Scheme supporters get an initial information sheet with picture about their ‘chosen’ dog and updates on the Scheme appear in the Yearbook and Newsletter and you will also get postcards from your chosen dog when they need to tell you something. If you wish to care for a specific dog and it no longer requires care through the Scheme, you will have the choice of funding another dog/dogs or discontinuing your payments. You automatically become a Member of Welfare as well. 
Please consider Sharing and Caring for a Rottweiler. Perhaps you have had one in the past and can’t have one now, or would like one but it’s just not sensible at present, then this can be your way to help a dog. If you would like to help and contribute please contact Lynne Williams on 01691 774979 for further details or Download a Word file or a Download a pdf file complete and return to the address on the form. 

   Adopting a Rottweiler 

Adopting a rescued animal is a hugely rewarding experience, your new family member might not otherwise have had a second chance. We work hard to ensure the homes we place our Rottweilers in are just right for their unique needs to give them the very best chance of a forever home they can finally settle into. 
We can’t put a time limit on the adoption process, because each dog and new home is different, be assured that if the dog you contact us about is no longer available or is unsuited to your circumstances, we’ll do our utmost to match you to the right dog. 
– All new homes are checked. 
– We adhere to a set procedure for rehoming dogs. 
– Due to changes in the DDA, we can only rehome dogs to families with children that are ages 5 and above who have been brought up around large dogs. 
– We work hard to keep this website as up to date as possible but we can’t guarantee that it always accurately reflects all of the dogs in our care that need homes, please contact us on 01782 395558 to discuss the possibility of adopting. 


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