Because of the present strange times we are living in and, as a result of the huge number of applications we are having to process, we have decided to change our rehoming page until the situation returns to “normal”. The main problem we have encountered is prospective owners looking at the rehoming page and seeing a dog that they would like to adopt. Unfortunately, because we rely on volunteers, it is difficult to keep the page updated. 
Therefore, the dogs you will see on this page are dogs that have already been happily re-homed. 
We do hope that you will understand our reasoning. 

Adopting a Rottweiler 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: At the present time, due to Covid-19, we still have a huge backlog of applications to assess and home visits to organise. Once the Home Visits are done, we will do our utmost to try and find you a suitable dog. In the meantime if you have already had a Home Visit and are waiting to hear from us it just means at the present time we haven’t got the right dog for you. Please don’t give up; we are doing our best. 
* * * * 
Adopting a rescued animal is a hugely rewarding experience, your new family member might not otherwise have had a second chance. We work hard to ensure the homes we place our Rottweilers in are just right for their unique needs to give them the very best chance of a forever home they can finally settle into. 
We can’t put a time limit on the adoption process, because each dog and new home is different, be assured that if the dog you contact us about is no longer available or is unsuited to your circumstances, we’ll do our utmost to match you to the right dog. 
– All new homes are checked. 
– We adhere to a set procedure for rehoming dogs. 
– Due to changes in the DDA, we can only rehome dogs to families with children that are ages 5 and above who have been brought up around large dogs. 
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