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RWA Mascot 
Molly is our RWA Mascot. She is 7 years old, blind and beautiful. She lives with her owners Annie & Chris as well as three other Rotties Inca, Fred and Sid.  Molly is a great ambassador for our breed and has attended many of the events we hold. Molly never fails to amaze those who know her with her antics, her ability to know what is around her and how she takes everything in her stride. Annie & Chris say she is an absolute pleasure to live with and she puts a smile on the face of everyone who meets her. We are so very proud to have her as our Mascot. 

To read Molly's success story and her experiences at Discover Dogs and Crufts please click here. This article is reproduced by kind permission of the Kennel Club for which we thank them.

Dogs needing to be rehomed

It is our policy to consider each rehoming request that comes to us on its own merits regardless of age or circumstances as we rehome puppies to oldies, although the older dog is more difficult to rehome. Due to funds, available kennel spaces and the number of dogs looking for new homes it means we are normally full and are just not able to help every Rottie. Our dogs are cared for in kennels, but we try to foster puppies or young dogs.

Please note that we cannot rehome dogs that have been aggressive or have shown aggressive responses.  If you have a temperament or aggression problem and you would like our help with regards to training and/or managing the problem we are happy for you to telephone April our advisor on 07960 930864 or email us with a query which we will endeavour to answer. If you have serious concerns about your dog's temperament we recommend you discuss this with your veterinary surgeon. If we take in a dog for rehoming that displays aggression whilst in our care we will discuss the dog's future with our behaviourist and vet.

Are you interested in rehoming one of our Rotties? Then go to go our Rehoming page, complete our form 'Application to rehome a rottie'  and email to or send by post (the address is on the form). To find out more about how we operate go to the About Us link. You can also email us or phone 01782 395558 for more details.

Rottweiler Welfare Association Registered Charity 279 478 R (since 1981)
Member of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes
Member of Dog Rescue Federation

Welcome to our Website - Please help and support us

We are a registered not-for-profit rescue charity, who find good homes for unwanted Rottweilers.  The aims of the Association are to:

-Rescue abandoned and neglected Rottweilers and help those who are unwanted.

-Provide all necessary care, treatment and rehabilitation.
-Assess these dogs for adoptability and find suitable homes for them.

 is a very active dog. Approximately 3 years old. Strong on the lead at first but settles down. He walks to heel and is quite obedient. He is also very good off the lead and will come back when called. Brody is a very stunning looking boy who strong and extremely fit. He would have to be the only dog since he has not been socialised and, although we have tried, he is still not good with other dogs.He is castrated and would make a wonderful happy boy for the right home. Needs mental and physical stimulation and is a very loving and loyal companion.

Please make sure you have renewed your memberships. If you aren't yet members but would like to be, go into the Forms section, fill out a membership form and send it back to us.


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Donate by texting to ROTT25 then the amount you wish to donate and send to 70070

To donate by Credit/Debit Card, or cheque please ring 07889 867827.

For enquiries about fundraising please contact Jenni on 07719 606454.
Visit out Auction site as well on Facebook. Place goods for auction and bid for others. All proceeds go to Rottweiler Welfare Association for our dogs.